How to Bedroom Declutter

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Put everything into one corner and gradually sort things out into three piles.

Pile A: Green (anything that is clean or working condition and ready to pack away)

Pile B: Amber (anything that is requires cleaning, fixing before it can be packed away)

Pile C: Red (anything that will either be going into trash, given to charity or sold)

So part of the red pile can go straight into the bin outside which helps reduce the clutter straight away. The rest can go into boxes and put near the front door to send to a new home.

The next pile to tackle is the green pile. Fold or hang any clothes, then pack them away in their home space, i.e closet or chest of drawers. Then organise any shoes or pile of books in order of size and place in their clean organised shelf. Any toiletries and other personal items should be organised by size and packed away in their permanent homes.

The amber pile is the most challenging of the piles, as this pile requires the most effort and time to organise. Start with putting any dirty clothes in the washing machine or a bag for dry cleaning. Then get a cloth and soap water to start cleaning any dirty shoes and other personal items such a jewellery etc. Then allow them time to dry, meanwhile the repair work can begin. Items that can be repaired at home such a broken picture frame that requires some super glue, can be done. Everything else that needs to repaired professionally should be put in a bag.

Are we seeing progress? The carpet should be seen at this point.

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