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We are professional organisers, helping our customers become organised and decluttered. Whether a bedroom, a closet, a kitchen, play room, living room or office. We get all types of rooms organised to meet our customers specific room requirements.

Our teams of qualified ‘Room Tidiers’, usual one or two members depending on the size of the job, take on the task after being briefed of the job requirements and get the job done.

Our work started in London where our main office is based, however we have expanded our services to Leeds and Manchester with our mini teams of ‘Room Tidiers’. 

We expect to further expand our services to other major cities across the UK and cities worldwide! We want many more customers to enjoy the experience of having our incredible teams tidy their room so they don’t have to!

“Sit back and relax and enjoy your tidy room”


Ready to Declutter?

Our services include domestic and commercial. So whatever the need is whether a room in your house, office building or mansion! We will get your space clear and free, ready to use. We clean, we tidy, we declutter and get rooms organised. Our team of dedicated professional organisers aka ‘room tidiers’ always aim to satisfy our customer requirements, ensuring we leave you happy.

Our Services


Living Room
Tidy Up

Kitchen/ Pantry
Tidy Up


Tidy Up

Spare Room
Tidy Up

From £30 Per Room

Attach a picture of your room below. Tell us your room requirements (expected outcome). We’ll send you a quote. Respond with your availability and we’ll get your room booked in to make it nice and tidy. It’s that simple.

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Customer Reviews

Brilliant experience! Told the team what I wanted and how I like my room to look and wow they didn't waste anytime. Will definitely use again after another busy week and not having the chance to tidy my flat. Thanks, tidymyroom team.
Tidy My Room
Anna H.
West London
Very happy indeed. Great job guys. First time I've used this type of service as I usually do all my own sorting out. But this was worth every penny. Very affordable and convenient. Will definitely recommend it to friends. Thanks again.
Tidy My Room
Michael P.
South London
This is such a great service. Well worth it so I will be a regular for sure as this really helped me out so much. To come back and have my room clean and tidy and nothing for me to do. Apart from watch TV of course! Happy days! 🙂
Tidy My Room
Claire J.
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